Built-In 700 Series Gas Grills

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Built-In 700 Series Gas Grills

Stylish longevity, unparalleled performance.

Napoleon’s Built-In 700 Gas Grill with Rear Infrared Burner is a seamless addition to your custom-made outdoor grilling area. Precisely control the temperature for searing, smoking, and rotisserie grilling, the ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge knows where all of the sweet spots are. Ignite the grill one-handed using the control knobs with SafetyGlow which provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue and changing to red when burners are in use. The JETFIRE™ ignition system ignites instantly with a jet of flame and cross lights with the other burners. Marine-grade stainless construction ensures stylish longevity and unparalleled performance. Thick, 9-mm stainless steel cooking grids are virtually maintenance-free and provide iconic WAVE™ sear marks. With integrated trim and longer electrical wiring, the Built-In 700 Series Gas Grill has been designed specifically for ease of installation, design, and functionality without restricting installation.

The 700 Series Built-in Grill is available in 32″, 38″, and 44″ models.

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